• NEW BOOK: Confessions of a Cold War Spy

    I squinted and stared at the tiny bright object steadily moving across the sky. It was so far distant all I could see was a pinpoint of light...

Books by Don Leach

Confessions of a Cold War Spy

"Specialist 4 Don Leach, welcome to Turkey. We hope you enjoy your new job. The year will pass quickly. Welcome!"

Oregon Concealed

Oregon Concealed helps concealed handgun carriers understand their responsibilities of the when, where, and how of lawful concealed handgun carry and use.

Murder Underground

Murder Underground

It has been alleged a compressor fire in the Wilberg Mine Disaster trapped and took the lives of 27 coal miners. But what really happened?

Don Leach

Author Don Leach has written for personal entertainment for years. His base comes from being a pantser, or one who writes by the seat of his pants. Or one who embraces the creative flow. With an eclectic sojourn, in this mortality, he has enough years he should be closing the gap on that elusive concept, “maturity.” His wife of 50 years might argue telling all she has six boys, not five.

We write for as many reasons as may be found in the stars. We publish for family and friends, ego, money, and sometimes for personal therapy. I hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to roam about a little, leave a comment or two, and share as you think appropriate.

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