Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Termination

What the pundits did NOT say:

  • Allegations are just that, allegations. They are neither true nor false.
  • Settlements happen for ________, (you fill in the blank) often not going to the merits of the allegations.
  • The parties almost always agree no one is at fault and that further blame will not be tolerated.
  • The parties almost always agree they will not talk about the case.

For those who receive settlements, to talk about the case almost always has a clause that says they will receive no further payments under the terms of the settlement, and they have to pay back what they have been paid.

Murdock Corp. knew of, and was part of the settlements going back a lot of years. With somewhere between 11 and 13 million dollars in lawsuits for a net return somewhere in the billions. For the corporation, it is just an “expense.” Notwithstanding the pundits, there is no “moral” in an artificial entity, just business as allowed under the federal and state corporation laws, and by-laws.

Notwithstanding allegations, it became politically expedient O’Reilly had to go. It is estimated his new contract is somewhere around 60 million dollars. It was agreed to and signed shortly before he went on “vacation,” whatever that means. While he is gone on vacation, before his return, his employment is terminated.

Unless the reader of this blog is so naïve as to believe the Murdock Corporation did not know they were going to terminate O’Reilly until after O’Reilly signed the contract, the closing leap is not too far distant from the starting point:

CLOSING LEAP: While speculative, and knowing we do not get to see his contract, I suggest he received a ~60 million-dollar payoff to go quietly.